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Holistic Health

A Holistic Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle
At Simply Wild we believe it is inside each person to live wholly mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
We just simply come along side you and join you on the journey.


Health coaching using natural methods to enhance your lifestyle.

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Using herbs and nutrition to obtain optimal health and energy.

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Kinesiology is using muscle testing to locate imbalances in the body.

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Emotional Resolution

Gentle and effective way to resolve emotional difficulties. If you deal with anxieties, fears, anger, sadness, etc EmRes is a great way to resolve those emotions quickly and permanently.

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BodyTalk is a whole body holistic health care system. It is gentle in that it supports the body in healing itself. It is non-invasive. Your body is amazing and with the right tools is will synchronize and function optimally, BodyTalk helps the body do this.

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PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Field) Mat

A holistic therapy that uses electromagnetic energy to aid healing.

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Welcome to Simply Wild! I am so excited that you are here. I hope you can find some help on you journey to a healthy, happy lifestyle!

My journey started in 2007 when I became very ill with ITP, an autoimmune disease that causes low platelets. I spent two weeks in the hospital with doctors trying different therapies. Nothing changed my condition until I came across and herbal combination for ITP. Immediately my platelet count increased, soon it was high enough that I could go home. That accelerated my health journey and I began to learn all I could about a healthy lifestyle.

In 2016 I graduated from the School of Natural Healing with my certificate as a Master Herbalist. In 2019 I completed my certificate in the Fundamentals of Kinesiology and continued in my studies in Applied Kinesiology. In 2020 I began my studies with the Emotional Health Institute learning EmRes or Emotional Resolution.

Feel free to message me about your health concern. I love to share the insight I have learned to help people gain health and vitality in their life!

  • Scranton, Iowa, United States

Electrolytes to help you stay hydrate and healthy with a work out or strenuous work.

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Seasonal Allergies

Natural relief for seasonal allergies.

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Ashwaganda, a, ancient medicinal herb that may help ease symptoms of anxiety and stress.

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The Silent Killer

Turmeric is a common yellow spice used in many Indian dishes. It is a relative of the ginger family and is commonly used for its medicinal properties.

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