04 Oct

by Emily Walton, M.H.

I started taking Dr. Christopher’s Adrenal Formula to build up my adrenal glands. I knew I had adrenal exhaustion by drinking a lot of caffeine throughout my life and having that stimulant in my body so much of the time. I thankfully gave up caffeine a couple years ago and feel much better without it. I also knew I had burned out my adrenals by being in the “fight or flight” response most of my life. I took the Adrenal Formula to get my adrenals healthy and build them up. I had decided on an amount I would take to build them up and nourish them, and then once I finished with the course of the Adrenal Formula I had chosen for myself, I started taking Dr. Christopher’s Relax-Eze Formula.

Shortly after starting the Relax-Eze Formula, I went into a depression and had so many hurt and sad feelings come up that I had experienced throughout my life, from childhood to present. I couldn’t understand why these feelings, I thought I had resolved, were now so present in my mind and I was feeling them. I felt the hurt, the sadness, the pain that had occurred throughout my life. It was a horrible feeling! I felt guilty for feeling these feelings for people I love and thought I had forgiven. I wanted these feelings to go away. It didn’t make sense that all of a sudden, after so many years, I was feeling these horrible, painful feelings again. Why? Why was I feeling this way? Haven’t I forgiven these people that hurt me so deeply and moved past it? I was so confused. I was talking to a friend one day and telling her how I felt. After our conversation, I went home and contemplated and pondered over our conversation and my feelings. 

I wanted to understand. I came to the realization, these feelings manifested themselves after I started taking Dr. Christopher’s Relax-Eze Formula. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning. The herbs in the Relax-Eze Formula were cleansing my nerves, and pulling out and healing all this negativity that had been stored up throughout my life. I was healing! I wasn’t only healing physically; I was healing emotionally. I know our nerves, our tissues and cells hold onto negative feelings. Sadness, hurt, pain, anger, all of these feelings are stored in our body. Relax-Eze was pulling all these feelings out of my body so I could not only heal physically, but emotionally, too. 

The skullcap herb in the Relax-Eze formula is a spinal nerve tonic and so much of our body’s communication from our brain and nerves goes through our spinal nerve. Skullcap is healing the spinal nerve and nourishing it. Mistletoe, wood betony, and valerian are nervines, which means, they heal and nourish the nerves throughout the body. Black cohosh is hormonal to help heal and balance the hormones. Hops is a sedative to help relax the mind and the body. Cayenne helps heal the body and gives warmth. Lobelia directs all the herbs where to go and what areas are in greater need.

I’m still taking Relax-Eze and I’m now in such a better and happier place. I feel more peaceful and I’m actually moving forward in my life without all the emotional baggage that’s been, unknowingly, weighing me down. I sleep better and I feel more relaxed. I’m so grateful Dr. Christopher was inspired to create this formula, along with all the formulas he was inspired to create. Relax-Eze is such a huge blessing in my life, along with so many of Dr. Christopher’s formulas. Thank you, Dr. Christopher!

Emily Walton is a Master Herbalist. She lives with her dog, Henry. She enjoys seeing clients and helping them on their path to achieve whole self-health - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. She is accepting and happy to meet new clients. 

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