27 Nov

In my last blog I shared some great herbs to have on hand to boost your immune system if the cold virus catches you.

Now, let's talk about hot and cold. We can experience two different symptoms when we catch a cold. Sometimes we get the chills and feel cold, we cannot get warm no matter how many layers we add. Other times we experience heat and sweat. 

When we feel the chills ginger and cayenne are great herbs to help warm your body up. I love to put some ginger in my immune tea to fight the chills and encourage my immune system to get going. Cayenne is a hot herb many of us are familiar with in spicy dishes. I prefer to take cayenne in capsule form. It's great to get your blood moving which increases warmth and also helps the body get rid of the virus.

Elderberry and echinacea are great herbs when we are experiencing heat symptoms. A mild fever is a good sign. It means our fighter T-cells have increased and are moving more, doing their job fighting the virus. With that though we can feel aches and pains that go with the heath. Sometimes our fever gets higher than we want it to. These herbs are great to support our immune system. 

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