Emotional Resolution

We feel emotions in our body, and emotions need to be resolved by the body. Take a moment to think about the last time you were anxious. Did you feel your heart racing? Or feeling nauseous? Think about the last time you were angry. Did you feel your neck and shoulders get tight? Or a headache? With each emotion we have we have sensations in our body.

Emotional Resolution or EmRes is a safe way to resolve these emotions so they do not continue to affect our daily lives. How many times a day do you hear or see something and recall a previous moment and react to the moment, not the present situation? These moments have physical sensations that accompany recalling the moment because the emotion is still alive in your body. The sensations we feel are the key to resolving the emotion.

During a session you do not have to relive the trauma or share personal details. The practitioner guides you to recall a recent emotional situation and use the as the focus for your EmRes session. You can gain emotional intelligence and a life free of triggering situations and the emotional memory.

EmRes can address and resolve:
Fears: heights, dogs, darkness, water, driving, flying, large crowds, mice, clowns, death, doctor/dentist, etc.
Trauma: PTSD, auto accidents, physical/sexual abuse, abandonment, separation, divorce, grief, depression, anxiety, etc.
Emotional Blocks: unhealthy patterns, performance anxiety, procrastination, inhibition, irritability, etc.
Behavior Patterns: unwanted habits, anger/rage, violence, aggression, control, jealousy, self-doubt, avoidance, OCD, stuttering, nervous ticks, etc.

We understand that stress is unpleasant. These unpleasant emotions are a stress that the body experiences. Our body’s immune and repair systems are blocked from working their best by these silent emotions. We may experience asthma, rashes, back/joint pain and stiffness, arthritis, fertility issues, chronic sickness, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, etx.

EmRes is complimentary to any medical treatment and will not interfere with any treatment your medical provider has in place. Experience EmRes and walk in confidence when you find emotional freedom.